Ron Clark, CEO

Ron Clark is a problem solver, solution creator, and visionary entrepreneur.


As the CEO of Clark Intl Group, Ron brings to the table a wealth of experience in management and entrepreneurship. He has training in finance and economics from Florida Southern University and business administration from Valencia Community College, providing a solid educational foundation that complements his extensive practical knowledge.


Throughout his career, Ron has excelled in recruiting exceptional talent, launching businesses from the ground up, and managing large sales forces. His strategic acumen, organizational prowess, and business development expertise have been instrumental in navigating the complexities of the sales cycle and fostering business growth.


Ron's innovative spirit extends to his public speaking engagements, where he shares his insights on sales, marketing, and technical know-how. His outstanding communication skills and interpersonal aptitude have earned him numerous accolades, including the Siemens Octel Sales Award, Outstanding Leadership Award from Excel Communications, and National Sales Leadership Award.


As well, Ron has been at the forefront of developing two deregulated industries—telecom and energy. His remarkable ability to create thriving businesses from scratch has left an indelible mark on these sectors. He has consistently been recognized as a top producer and top recruiter, earning awards from companies like AFLAC, Unique Underwriters, Inc., and Ambit Energy.


Ron Clark's journey is a testament to his unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in the world of business. His dedication to personal and professional growth has made him a true leader in the field. He's also been called the dog whisper and thrives on coffee and cutting-edge technology.  

Kim M. Clark, M.S.B., CMO

Kim M. Clark is a seasoned marketing virtuoso, renowned author, and captivating communicator with over 34 years of unparalleled experience in corporate training, sales, and marketing. 


Kim is the dynamic Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) of Clark Intl Group. As an Amazon bestselling author of six books (with the seventh in production) and a multiple award–winning speaker, she has proven her prowess in both the written and the spoken word. With her visionary approach and a Master of Science in Marketing from Johns Hopkins University and a Bachelor of Science in Mass Communications from Towson State University, Kim's educational foundation has been instrumental in shaping her expertise. 


Kim excels in crafting and executing effective brand awareness and marketing strategies, setting the bar high for creative excellence. Her ability to create compelling narratives has earned her the prestigious AWSA Book of the Year Award and two Florida Tapestry Awards for Non-Fiction Books. She has also been a finalist for the Selah Literary Award, a testament to her literary talents.


In the realm of energy, Kim has achieved significant milestones with Ambit Energy, including the Pure Energy Award, membership in the Comma Club, and recognition as a 6-Figure Earner and Top Recruiter. She has been a proud recipient of two exclusive Five Star Trip awards, a testament to her outstanding achievements.


Kim's excellence extends to her involvement with Toastmasters, where she has earned accolades such as the Best Speaker Award, Best Evaluator Award, and Best Table Topics Speaker Award. Her ability to captivate and inspire through her words is truly remarkable.


Beyond her written work and speaking engagements, Kim's influence is felt through her appearances in magazines like South Orlando City Lifestyle and Victorious Living. She has even graced the covers of two issues of Success from Home Magazine. Kim's voice has also resonated across the airwaves as a frequent guest on radio, podcasts, and blogs, where she continues to inspire and inform audiences.


Kim M. Clark's career is a testament to her creative brilliance and unwavering dedication to marketing and communication. Her ability to inspire, educate, and innovate makes her a true powerhouse in her field, setting her apart as an industry leader. Kim is a genius in the kitchen, and her family goes into gourmet food withdrawal when she's traveling for business.


Clark Int'l Group is proud to announce their soon to be released Master Reseller Program. This program will allow investors with no background in Artificial Intelligence (AI) to own an AI business. You will be able to build a team of AI Sales Consultants offering multiple AI products and services. 


Stay tuned for our Pre-Launch Announcement.




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